5 Hidden treasures in Venice to see on your anniversary

5 Hidden treasures in Venice to see on your anniversary

You’re celebrating another year together, and want your anniversary to be special. Venice is one of the most romantic anniversary destinations not just in Italy, but across the world.

Like any popular travel destination, a few insider tips can take the experience from just another trip to an unforgettable journey. Don’t show up in Venice on the big day without a plan, or you could end up missing out on some of the floating city’s best kept secrets. Read more to learn about hidden treasures in Venice, and unique ways to make your time there as special as the bond you share together.


When you first get to Venice you’ll be tempted to follow the signs and head straight to Saint Mark’s Square. By all means, give in to the temptation, but after checking out the magnificent piazza in the southern part of the city, take some time to head up north to the Cannaregio neighbourhood.

In Cannaregio you’ll have the chance to rub elbows with some of the locals. Wary of tourist-packed parts of Venice, locals like to relax and enjoy this down-to-earth quarter with excellent restaurants, bookshops, and cafes where you’ll feel like a real Venetian.

Murano island

You’ve already heard about the famous Murano glass available on the mainland. But did you know you can buy Murano glass directly on the island itself? Enjoy a water taxi ride to Murano, where you can spend the day exploring. This tiny island has beautiful scenery, and impressive churches to take in. You’ll even get the chance to see glassmakers at work! Now when you buy that special anniversary vase, bowl, or sculpture, you can share the memory of your romantic trip to the source.

Row your own Gondola

Upon arrival in Venice you’ll surely want to go for a whimsical gondola ride with your sweetheart, drinking in the city’s allure from your gently rocking haven, complete with a Gondolier to serenade you. After your first gondola experience as a passenger, you may want to consider learning to row your own gondola! Sound crazy? It’s not – you can find companies in Venice with all the equipment you need, plus an instructor. Once you have the rowing part down, now the next step is learning to serenade her yourself. . .

Teatro La Fenice

After a day of strolling alongside Venice’s sparkling canals, indulge yourselves in a remarkable treat in the evening: see an opera at Teatro La Fenice. This elegant theatre boasts a fascinating history and dazzling interior. And besides, what could make her feel more like royalty on your anniversary than seeing an opera in Italy? This is truly one of the best hidden treasures in Venice.

Ca’ Rezzonico

Top your anniversary off with a visit to Ca’Rezzonico, a ‘palazzo’ commissioned by the Bon family in 1649, and took over 100 years to finish building. Now an 18th-century museum, this palace has four floors of paintings, sculptures, and frescoes, and is located right on the Grand Canal.

Thinking about planning your next anniversary in Venice? Check out YourAnniversary.it for more ideas and suggestions, or contact me. I specialise in organising amazing anniversary celebrations in Venice and can customise the experience just for the two of you.

Cheers to your anniversary!

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