8 Fun and unique holiday date ideas

8 Fun and unique holiday date ideas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but between cold weather, holiday parties, and Christmas shopping, you may have fewer opportunities to spend time alone with your other half. By mid-December, you may feel tempted to plop down on the couch and watch TV with whatever free time you can get.

This year, fight that temptation and take advantage of the magical atmosphere this festive season can add to your relationship. Here are my top 8 romantic holiday date ideas to shake off the winter blues together!

1) Holiday cocktails

Set an intimate tone by heading to a cocktail bar and ordering a glass of mulled wine, eggnog, chocolate martini, or even ginger-lime soda. Inside a trendy cocktail bar you can get away from the maddening crowd and feel like you’re back on your first date.

2) Melting Pot

If you decide to stay home, spice things up with a fondue night! Play some music, light up the fireplace, and have dinner the delicious, melty way. You’ll need to prepare a fondue set, along with cheese, bread, vegetables, and more. Top it off with chocolate fondue and strawberries for dessert!

3) Skiing

What better way to spend a winter’s day than grabbing your skis and hitting the slopes? If you’ve never skied before, rent a pair of skis and take a beginner’s class together! Don’t be too hard on yourself if you fall – your sweetheart is there to help you up. Take a few breaks to warm up with some hot chocolate.

4) Theatre

How often do you make time to go to the theatre? Now you have the perfect excuse! The holiday season has many delightful treats to choose from, like A Christmas Carol, White Christmas, or The Nutcracker.

5) Bakeoff

Warm your house with a bakeoff! Play some Buble in the background and get baking! You make the pie, while she makes biscuits, or prepare a holiday dessert together. For an extra laugh, decorate gingerbread houses. Bring your tasty creations along to your next family gathering.

Holiday Date Bisuits

6) Ice skating

Bundle up and head to the city centre for an evening of ice skating! Surrounded by Christmas lights and holiday shoppers, the ice rink will be your own oasis from Christmas chaos. You’d be surprised at what a good workout it is too, so expect to warm up in no time!

7) Snow day

When the snow keeps coming down, don’t let it keep you indoors. Don your best winter gear, grab her hand, and tackle the snow head-on. Go tobogganing, make snow angels, build snowmen, and of course, have a snowball fight! You’ll have a blast with this surprisingly romantic holiday date. 

8) Romantic getaway

The best remedy for the winter blues is a change of scenery. Only have one night to spare? Crash overnight at a spa resort. If you can take more time away, go big. Here at YourAnniversary.it, I specialise in planning anniversaries in Venice, Italy and the surrounding region. Whether you travel before Christmas, or wait until the start of the new year, Venice is one of the most romantic cities in the world. I’ll take care of the planning so you can just relax and enjoy your time together.

Check out the YourAnniversary.it blog for more romantic tips and ideas. Ready to start planning your winter getaway? Contact us!

Happy Holidays from YourAnniversary.it!

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