Celebrate your anniversary in Verona

Celebrate your anniversary in Verona

Whether it’s your first anniversary or your fifty-first, you both deserve to celebrate another year together as a couple. Don’t underestimate the impact of a well thought-out anniversary celebration! You may feel tempted to stay in and do the same old thing again, but don’t let that get the best of you!

You both deserve some time away from the daily grind. Taker her on holiday to an enchanting land surrounded by beautiful history, art, and cuisine! Verona, Italy makes an excellent backdrop for an unforgettably romantic anniversary celebration. Don’t know where to begin planning your trip to Verona? Read more for ideas!

Welcome to the land of Romeo and Juliet! Just a two hour train ride from Venice, Verona is yet another historical city in the Veneto region filled to the brim with beautiful, romantic sights. Referred to as “the Painted City”, Verona is practically an outdoor museum, where you’ll find loads of sculptures, murals, and fascinating architecture around every corner. Start your visit by wandering around the medieval streets to take in its charm.

For a fairy tale feel, stop by Verona’s Castel Vecchio (old castle). Built in the fourteenth century, this castle offers castle tours and an art museum. Cross the Castel Vecchio Bridge over the Adige after your visit. You and your sweetheart could pick up some lunch and a bottle of wine, and then sit together while you admire the view and gentle sounds from the river.

One of the city’s most famous monuments is the Verona Arena, a Roman amphitheatre resembling the Colosseum. Built in the first century, this ancient piece of architecture still functions as a performance hall. Have a look online at its upcoming shows – you may find an opera performance scheduled the day of your anniversary in Verona. Just imagine her surprise!

Set aside an afternoon to explore the open air market in Piazza delle Erbe, where you’ll find locally grown produce, as well as a huge variety of souvenirs. During your shopping spree, you’ll also notice plenty of art in your surroundings, such as frescos on the walls and an impressive fountain featuring the statue Madonna Verona.

In the evening treat yourselves to an aperitivo: most bars provide a complimentary snack with drinks before dinner. Locals like to indulge in a drink called a ‘Spritz’ – Aperol mixed with Prosecco. It’s a Veneto specialty! When it’s time for dinner, take your pick from between the many excellent restaurants in the city centre.

Finally, to make your anniversary in Verona complete, you must visit Juliet’s balcony. We all know the star-crossed lovers’ story unfolded in fair Verona, so this site gives credit to its reputation as the city of love. Although the site was created well after Shakespeare’s masterpiece, visiting Juliet’s balcony is a once-in-a-lifetime experience you won’t want to miss. Set in a beautiful garden, you’ll have a chance to picture yourselves acting out the most romantic scene in English literature. The garden also offers a gate where thousands of couples have attached locks to represent their eternal bond. You can design your own lovers’ lock and hook it to the gate!

lovers locks

Looking for more anniversary ideas? Have a look around the YourAnniversary site for tips on celebrating your anniversary. We have loads of gift, date, and travel ideas, and can even help you plan a completely unique experience to surprise your wife on your next anniversary.

Cheers to your anniversary!

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