Gift ideas for your third anniversary: The Leather Anniversary

Gift ideas for your third anniversary: The Leather Anniversary

Celebrating your anniversary every year is an important way to reconnect with your partner and reaffirm your commitment. While you’d like to make the most of this occasion, planning a big celebration can feel daunting.

Your third anniversary, also known as the Leather Anniversary, risks taking a hard hit as celebrations go. Obviously celebrating the first year went smoothly, as the initial excitement about your marriage was fresh on your mind. In the future you know you’ll make a splash for your fifth anniversary, but if you want to get there, remember that every year is special in its own way. You want to enjoy all of the nice little moments together, so your third anniversary is just as important as any other.

Leather symbolises quality and strength, class and perseverance – much like the bond you share with the love of your life. The world’s best quality leather comes from Italy, where careful, unique craftsmanship goes into producing some of the most durable leather on the map. Italy has handbags, jackets, and especially leather boots of the highest quality and fashion.

Lucky for you, the leather theme offers an array of excellent gift ideas. You can find loads of clothing and accessories traditionally made from leather, like a leather belt or wallet. But don’t stop there – customise the theme based on her hobbies and interests. Does she love writing? Consider a leather-bound journal so she can record her memories of good times to come. Is she an avid traveller? Get her an elegant, leather luggage set. You could go as simple as just a couple of cute bag tags, or go with a full-on leather suitcase.

Depending on your budget, why not go even bigger and invest in some artisan leather furniture? Imagine her excitement when she comes home to a stately new leather armchair she can relax on in the evenings (just make sure you pick something that matches the rest of the room)? Or you could take her shopping and let her pick out a leather item of her choice.

Looking to make your third anniversary absolutely unforgettable? Treat your wife to a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Italy for your anniversary. You can spend your days exploring Venice’s beautiful canals, or hopping from town to town.

At we specialise in organising amazing anniversary celebrations in Italy and have starter packages for some of the country’s most romantic cities, like Venice, Ravenna, and Padova. Italy has outstanding food and wine to perfectly complement your special day, plus, you can get a first-hand look at some of the world’s best leather products in a beautiful setting, with your wife right by your side.

Cheers to your anniversary.

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