How to celebrate your Ruby Anniversary

How to celebrate your Ruby Anniversary

With every passing year you love each other more and more, and now it’s time to celebrate your 40th wedding anniversary! While it receives less focus than some of the other years, your 40th anniversary represents a huge milestone and you both deserve to celebrate! Not sure how to kick off this year’s celebration? Don’t worry – known as the Ruby anniversary, the 40th year’s ruby theme can help you plan a celebration and gift to make your sweetheart feel special.

Ruby red symbolises love and passion, so the Ruby theme offers plenty of excellent gift ideas. Believe it or not, giving her jewellery made of rubies is not required. Look for gifts that make you feel reminiscent of the good old days and add a ruby twist. Track down a newspaper from the year (or even the day) you got married, and give it to her along with her favourite musical album from that year (in ruby red gift wrap, of course).

Or you could take your wedding video and have it professionally remastered, and converted to DVD. Imagine her surprise when she unwraps a DVD case with a picture of the two of you on your wedding day! The same goes for your wedding photos –  have them updated or restored, and then placed in a deep red photo album. Or give her a ruby red picture frame with two photos – one from your wedding day, and the other a recent picture to show how you’ve come full circle.

On the other hand, if she loves jewellery, don’t hold back. Give her a necklace with a ruby pendant, or take her out shopping so she can enjoy picking it out for herself! Go to one or two different jewellers, and have her point out her favourite pieces. Whether your buy it for her on the spot, or come back later to make your final selection, you’ll have a blast on this romantic outing. After all, what lady doesn’t like picking out stunning jewellery for herself?

If shopping isn’t her thing, plan another outing to celebrate your ruby anniversary. Take her someplace based on your honeymoon. For example, If you went to Jamaica for your honeymoon, take her to a Jamaican restaurant, or if you went on a cruise, go on a romantic boat ride. If she would rather stay in, that gives you the perfect opportunity to decorate your house based on ruby motifs. Think red decor – red tablecloth, red balloons, red confetti, you get the idea. . . And don’t forget the bouquet of red roses to top it all off!

Finally, remember the importance and meaning of this date for the both of you, so don’t hold back planning your celebration. You may feel allured by the idea of the standard dinner and a movie, but don’t give in! Do something big, whether you make it a thoughtful gift, a surprise at home, or even a getaway to a romantic destination together.

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