How to plan your anniversary

How to plan your anniversary

Your anniversary comes every year, and coming up with fun, fresh ways to celebrate each one can feel daunting. But don’t get discouraged! If tackled head-on, planning your anniversary can be a fun opportunity to learn even more about her.

1 – Start early

Start to plan your anniversary in advance – not the night before! Depending on what kind of celebration you have in mind, start planning somewhere between two weeks to a few months in beforehand.

2 – Brainstorm ideas

Don’t know where to begin? If you want to surprise her, talk to one of her closest friends to ask for some help brainstorming ideas. Make sure you recruit someone who knows her well and can help you figure out what would put a smile on her face the day of your anniversary.

Take a moment to reflect on good times you’ve had in the past. Browse through some photo albums as a reminder. What did she enjoy most so far? A getaway to a beachside resort? A huge party with all of her friends? Or even the time you ran a 10k together? Pinpoint one or two of your most successful dates and consider how to plan your anniversary building on those themes.

If you haven’t already created a Pinterest account, now’s the time! Log on and search for ‘anniversary ideas’, or ‘travel’. Just make sure you set the board to private if you want to make it a surprise. Browse through her Pinterest boards, and you may find a collection of ideas she already has about dream travel destinations or unique date ideas.

Anniversary date

3 – Decide on a budget

Next step is figuring out logistics and deciding on a budget. Depending on how far in advance you start planning, you could start setting cash aside every month. With a big budget, surprise her with a luxurious trip to an exotic destination, or a throw huge bash with your friends and family! On the other hand, if money’s tight this year, focus on creating a simple, yet meaningful evening for two.

4 – Work the list

Grab a red pen! Keeping your budget in mind, go down the list and start eliminating! Remember the ultimate goal of giving her an unforgettable surprise that says ‘I love you more than ever’. Narrow the list down to one or two items you know she’ll love.

5 – Follow through!

With your plan and budget taken care of, now the rubber meets the road! Get online and make restaurant reservations, book flights, email the caterer – whatever you have planned, start following through. The earlier, the better – otherwise you may find a sold out resort or exorbitant flight prices just a week in advance.

6 – Tie up loose ends

As the date approaches, take care of additional details, like a gift, decorations, or getting time off work. is full of excellent tips on gifts, travel, and how to plan your anniversary. So have a look around!

As long as you follow the steps and stay committed, you can pull of an amazing celebration – whether or not you make it a surprise. Give yourself credit for all of the hard work it takes to plan your anniversary!

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Cheers to your anniversary!

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