Make your 30th anniversary special

Make your 30th anniversary special

With your 30th anniversary coming up, you may find yourself wondering how to make the most of it. Your 30th, also known as the Pearl Anniversary, is equally important as any other year. Pearls are elegant and precious, just like your love for each other, so take advantage of this theme to help make this anniversary unforgettable. But where do you begin? Here are a few romantic ideas to get the creativity flowing!

Before you do anything else, make sure to remind yourself that this day is all about her. Ask yourself: what would she like? How can I make her feel special? That means listen to her! Does she typically work long hours? Maybe she’d like to de-stress at a spa together. Does she love spending time with her friends? Maybe a party would be best. Chances are, she’s already dropped a few hints about what she’d like to do for the big day, so now you just need to pay attention.

Next step: make it pearl-themed. For your 30th anniversary, the pearl theme offers loads of options to choose from! Obviously if you throw a party to share this special moment with your friends and family, think pearl motifs as you go about decorating: party beads, balloons that look like pearls, and don’t forget the cake server with mother of pearl handle!

If you go with a one-on-one evening, make it as romantic as possible. Take her to a restaurant she loves and surprise her with a pearl-themed gift, like a pearl necklace, bracelet, or earrings! Actually, lilies are the classic 30th anniversary flower, so make sure to surprise her with a batch of them. Or if you think she’d like a spa treatment, look for a place with a pearl theme in the name, or maybe pearl decor inside the building.

Still looking for other gift ideas? Pearls come in all shapes and sizes – give her pearl-encrusted silverware, or maybe a pearl picture frame featuring a snapshot of the two of you from 30 years ago. Or bring back even more memories from that magical year, with an entire photo album featuring a pearl decoration on the front. Play a cd with her favourite music from that year as you hand her the surprise. Just make sure you pick out something she’ll love!

Finally, for the ultimate anniversary gift to really take her breath away, take her on a trip to Venice! Think about it: the 30th anniversary is lower profile than some of the other years, so you could get away with setting off for Venice, just the two of you.

In Venice you can have it all: stroll the through the ancient streets, see sights, like San Marco Square, and enjoy a gondola ride through the gorgeous canals. Top it off with an amazing local meal, accompanied by a bottle of Prosecco, then nip off to your dazzling hotel as the night comes to a close. Not to mention, Italy offers some of the most impressive jewellery in the world, so you could take her shopping and have her pick out her own pearl jewellery from a charming boutique in the centre of Venice.

For help planning your dream 30th anniversary celebration in Venice, contact me. Look around the website for even more anniversary ideas, and check out our starter packages to begin planning your anniversary in Italy.

Cheers to your anniversary!

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