Top 7 romantic songs for your anniversary celebration

Top 7 romantic songs for your anniversary celebration

Curating a great mix of romantic songs for your anniversary celebration may look easy at first glance – but don’t forget to include music your wife likes too. On top of that, your guests have their own tastes, so make sure you compile a varied playlist in advance. We’ve got you covered there – read more for a selection of romantic songs to play at the party.

If you’re like most modern music-listeners, you have a few favourite songs or artists you discovered recently but sometimes forget to explore new horizons or rekindle your fondness for hits from the past. Make sure to throw in some of these romantic songs for your anniversary party. After all, this celebration is about both of you and the life you’ve created together.

Turn up the speakers and let the good times roll! Here are our top anniversary picks, covering everything – from jazz to rock, and from oldies to pop:

1) Unchained Melody, by The Righteous Brothers

Quite possibly the most instantly recognisable love song, Unchained Melody is a must. With that classic line: My darling / I’ve hungered, hungered for your touch / A long, lonely time, you’ll reflect on just how happy you are to be together still.

2) My One and Only Love, by Johnny Hartman and John Coltrane

This jazz ballad features Johnny Hartman’s sultry vocals. With poetic lyrics, like: While you’re in my arms / I feel your lips so warm and tender / My one and only love, I dare you not to shed a tear of joy when this one plays!

3) Can’t Help Falling in Love, by Elvis Presley

No romance would be complete without this timeless ballad. More than any other, this is truly one of the most important romantic songs for your anniversary celebration.

Dancing to a romantic song

4) I Do It for You, by Bryan Adams

Who says rock can’t be romantic? Bryan Adams pulls it off in this touching number. Lyrics like There’s no love like your love / And no other could give more love. / There’s nowhere unless you’re there send a beautiful message to share with each other on your anniversary.

5) Crazy Little Thing Called Love, by Queen

Taking it up-tempo, this fun one will surely get everyone dancing in no time, and maybe even remind you of the days you first started falling in love.

6) Better Together, by Jack Johnson

Bring the playlist up to speed with this down-to-earth, singer-songwriter’s thoughts on love, like It’s not always easy and / Sometimes life can be deceiving / I’ll tell you one thing, it’s always better when we’re together.

7) Sugar, by Maroon 5

This recent pop hit will keep the vibe fresh and energetic. Your guests won’t want the party to end once you start blasting this upbeat, yet romantic track.

Looking for more anniversary ideas? At we specialise in organising celebrations for anniversaries and other special moments. Check out more of our anniversary tips in our blog, or contact us to start planning the big day.

Cheers to your anniversary!

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