What’s the ideal anniversary planning timeline?

What’s the ideal anniversary planning timeline?

Your anniversary comes every year, but between work, family, and daily life, planning a memorable celebration can get pushed to the back burner. This year’s different – you want to plan something unforgettable. But how far in advance do you need to start planning? My passion is planning wedding anniversaries, ranging from a romantic (yet stunning) night on the town, to an all-out Golden Anniversary party. I’m here to share my expertise so you can find your own anniversary planning timeline.

How much time you need depends on the type of celebration, and number of guests (if any). Let’s look at some ideas along with an anniversary planning timeline to consider for each one:

Night on the town – one week in advance

Whether you live in a big city or a small town, if you start planning a week in advance you can find unique, romantic places to spend a beautiful evening as a couple.

Reserve a restaurant in advance. Don’t fall back on the same restaurant you went to last weekend with your friends! Do your homework – check for reviews online, ask around for recommendations, and make sure it will set just the right mood before you make the reservation.

Skip the movie and treat yourselves to a fun, unique activity that reflects your location – like a gondola ride in Venice, for instance. Can’t afford the trip? Try a hike if you live near a mountain, check out the theatre if you’re in a big city, or do some wine tasting if you can find a vineyard nearby.

This whimsical evening on the town is sure to bring lots of laughs and memories, without taking up a lot of time.

Weekend getaway – two weeks to two months in advance (depending on the season)

Turn your night on the town into a weekend getaway! Start planning at least two weeks in advance, but if your anniversary falls during peak travel seasons, like summer holiday or over Christmas, make sure you book further in advance!

Make this truly an occasion to remember and don’t settle for just any hotel. When I plan anniversary celebrations for my clients, I love having them stay at a glamorous villa in the countryside just outside of Venice. They feel like true nobles partaking in Italy’s past, with an authentic fresco on the ceiling in their room! Of course, if you can’t come to Italy this year, aim for a historical or boutique hotel, for a one-of-a-kind experience.

Party – three months in advance

Want this year’s celebration to be an absolute hit? Aim for a three month anniversary planning timeline. Whether for your 25th, 50th, or even your 10th, every year spent together merits a party! Invite your friends and family, cut the cake, play some music, and dance the night away.

anniversary party in villa

Venues and caterers tend to book up quickly, depending on the season, so three months should give you enough time to get ahead of the competition. During a major holiday or peak travel season, consider starting further in advance.

Still not sure where to begin? Have a look around the YourAnniversary website – we have loads of blog posts with anniversary ideas. I specialise in organising anniversaries in Venice, Italy and the surrounding region, so contact me. We can talk about your dream anniversary, while you relax and enjoy celebrating another year with your sweetheart.

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